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Isobel is able to see clients in the variety of settings including the school or home environment.  This gives clients access to therapy in an environment in which they feel most comfortable and in which generalisation of new skills can best occur.

Isobel works with children who are:

  • Difficult to understand

  • Mispronouncing words

  • Experiencing frustration when trying to talk

  • Experiencing difficulty understanding what is said to them

  • Having trouble following instructions or requiring instructions to be repeated several times

  • Using a small vocabulary of words

  • Using shorter sentences than other children their age

  • Experiencing difficulty telling you about their day

  • Stuttering (repeating words or sounds, getting stuck on sounds, or prolonging sounds)

  • Experiencing difficulty learning to read and spell

  • Talking with a ‘hoarse’ voice

  • Experiencing difficulty interacting with others e.g. joining in games, turn taking, sharing

Isobel offers the following services:

  • Assessment of communication skills

  • A written report if requested

  • Individual and or group therapy sessions

  • School and home visits

  • Programs specific to your child’s needs

  • Liaison with teachers, support teachers, psychologists, occupation therapists, ENTs, orthodontists, pediatricians, and other professionals.

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